"We fear what we cannot see."
That's the basic theme of the DrishyamFilms short film, Paroksh. Directed by Ganesh Shetty, this deceptively simple film captures everything we fear. We've all had that moment of pure, unaduterated fear for something we can't even see or explain. I know I do, every night I'm alone in my house, or pass in mirror in the dark. We simply assume that something evil is lurking if our eyes aren't there to tell us otherwise (and for good reason, because there just might be). And something evil may as well be lurking, and the very idea of that keeps us up at that. And Paroksh is just what we need to watch at this point. Flawlessly directed, brilliantly written, and well-acted, this movie basically kept me at the edge of the seat till the very last second, and then some.

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