This School Replaced Class Punishments With Meditation And The Results Were Simply Beautiful

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Education systems around the world are now slowly turning towards the accolades of cumulative growth rather than negative competition. (Thank God for that!) A lot of schools are now striving to enhance the unique gifts within every child, turning the atmosphere electric and positive. In such a scenario, the words “detention”and “punishment” need to be revisited.

Picking on notorious or academically weak students not only hampers their morale and confidence, but also sets the beginning of a diabolical hierarchy in the minds of their classmates. To avoid this, while still wanting to inculcate the beauty of discipline, Robert W. Coleman, an academic institution in Baltimore, decided to do something a little different. By partnering with the Holistic Foundation, they began to include meditation in their school's syllabus.

Each time there ensues any trouble in class, the student in concern is taken to a bright, colorful room with spaced out yoga mats. (Note: No dark dungeons or bleak spaces that usually mark the hour of detention) They are then taught mindful breathing exercises and are encouraged to talk their minds out to their respective teachers and counselors. The result? Zero suspensions in the last year. Pretty damn, rad if you ask me.

Maybe it’s time for more of our schools to nourish our tiny tots with lots of meditative love and care.

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