This Random Act Of Kindness Is Exactly What Spirit Of Mumbai Is All About

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The buzz and panic that has taken all over the country since our Prime Minister, Shri. Narendra Modi announced the decision of making the 500 and 1000 rupee currency note invalid, has made everybody rush to the banks. People have been queuing outside the ATM(s) in blazing hot sun for hours to withdraw or deposit cash in the bank.

Such times prove to be the real quest when you are exhausted and have no choice but to wait for your turn to come. It's during these times when people like Bhavin Joshi and Manisha Joshi come forward and make a selfless gesture towards others like them who are relentlessly upholding themselves in this heat.

After having stood in line for 2 hours, Bhavin said that he HAD to help others around. Hence, he and fellow resident- Manisha Joshi, served juice to everyone who was standing in line.

They did not charge a single penny for it and went on to cover several other banks around Kandivali. They started off as two people and encouraged others to join in and help them as well. Now they have an army of four, and will surely grow.

We hope to see more people like Bhavin and Manisha come forward and keep the spirit of humanity intact.

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