14 Random Thoughts That Occurred To Each One Of Us When We Attended Boring Lectures In School

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Schooling was one amongst the many other things I didn't really like. I'm certain most would agree with me on this. Well, what a pain! We all used to wake up just to listen to an elderly human blabber the same content off our textbooks, which made us all zone out during the day and think of all the creative nuisance we would possibly manage to come up with:

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What if students could lecture teachers?


Who will the ceiling fan fall on?


In the situation of an earthquake, what if a stampede happens and a majority of the people get trapped inside the buildings?


What would happen if students blabbered on the P.A system in absence of the Principal?


What's the point of learning Geometry and History if it's not even going to help me as an adult?


Did the teachers even attend lectures during their times seriously?


Why even go to school if private tutors teach better?


What if I ask a stranger to accompany me as my parent on Parent-Teachers' Meets?


Will the trainer allow us to play games in physical training hour?


Does the school library have some interesting comic books and novels we can read secretly?


What if we could pass all exams without studying?


Has my best friend studied as much as I have or more?


Will my best friend be scoring better than me this semester?


Will I ever be able to date my crush before it's too late?

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