Words have a way of conveying the simplest things and turning them into magic. Words have the power to squeeze out the honesty in us, to dive into a freedom that lets us explore our darkest crevices. Words, still, are best when they speak of love. That one human emotion we are still so proud of, its purity still stands a victor in the face of the darkness that is slowly engulfing us. Words, romance, love. Let it all set you free...

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They're difficult, but they're also the simplest. It takes effort, but it also takes nothing at all. Welcome, lover, to a long-distance relationship. You'll be tested at every breath you take, but you'll also never feel tested at all. The simplest things will be away from you, but somehow, it will all feel complete. Long-distance relationships teach you more about love than you could imagine, so next time, take the leap. See how far your love can travel.

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19 Things Men Say On Tinder - And What It *Really* Means!

"You're the prettiest girl here."

Tinder. The holy grail of romance today. Where emojis suddenly become the things we use to express ACTUAL emotions. Of course, there are a lot of Tinder/ online happily-ever-afters. But on the flipside, the online world creates a WHOLE bunch of painful cliches that anyone who has even spent an hour on the app (such as yours truly, mostly because the creepier of those people then find me on Facebook) can recognize. And this, dear girls, is all about that.

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13 Men Reveal How They Show Affection When They Really, Truly Like You

Because love is in the little things.

The language of love is not always flowers and a tub of chocolate (although they are very welcome). It is the little ways in which someone takes care of you that melts your heart more than an OTT date night. From making you a cup of coffee to bringing you a rare edition of your favourite book, 15 Indian men tell us the ways in which they show their affection if they truly like a woman.

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17 Truths To Remember About Yourself When You Face Rejection

A single "no" does not end your story.

"Was I bitter? Absolutely. Hurt? You bet your sweet ass I was hurt. Who doesn't feel a part of their heart break at rejection. You ask yourself every question you can think of, what, why, how come, and then your sadness turns to anger. That's my favorite part. It drives me, feeds me, and makes one hell of a story." - Jennifer Salaiz

Rejection is one of the many painful inevitabilities of life. As much as we'd like it, a life without facing a single "no" exists only on the colourful pages of fairy tales. That's about it. The life that actual, breathing beings lead are often built on "nos", on being forced to face rejection before you finally get that "yes". Rejection is a hurdle that comes in every shape and form. Maybe it's coming from the person who you thought would never hurt you, a rejection that teaches you the high price of falling in love. Maybe it's a wall of "you're not good enough" or "maybe next time" as you frantically chase your dreams. And slowly, you begin to learn that your world is filled with joy, but also with pain. And every bit of pain you feel in each case IS valid. Celebrate the pain. Celebrate the fact that you are human enough to feel it. But do not let the pain drown you.

Let these truths be your undying support system.

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Here's Why Not Everyone Deserves A Seat At The Table Of Your Life

Letting go may not be easy, but holding on is not an option either.

Meeting new people and encountering different situations is part of all of our everyday lives. And it is through these experiences that we often discover unexpected facets to our lives and personalities. However, I'm personally not a big fan of making new friends and introducing myself to unknown people. And I'm glad to be like that! There are a few important people who matter to me and I'm quite content with the fact that I don't have to put up with anyone and everyone in the world.

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15 Kinds Of Friends We Make In Our Teens, 20s And 30s!

These humans DEFINITELY make life entertaining.

Other than the plethora of humans we scan through to match our ideal "better half", there are TONS of human beings who become friendship-worthy creatures. They come in various shapes and sizes and pride themselves on their unique characteristics.

Sometimes you can spot their eccentricity from a distance, and at other times you just have to dig a little deeper to know the kind of treasures they are hiding (or in most cases, the garbage of a brain you want nothing to do with). There is no specific time or age they'll prefer to saunter into your life, but there are certain kinds of friends you almost inevitably meet through the different stages of your life!

And I am sure you've definitely met these 15, beginning right from your teens

1. The bestie with whom you discuss every detail of every crush

Wasn't it such a relief to always have a human who patiently listened to every possible guy/ girl you've wanted to talk about?

2. The one who is your homework buddy

Studying somehow just seemed to happen so effortlessly with this one. *No stress*

3. The "rebel" who teaches you how to sneak out of the house without your parents finding out

And keeps reminding you of every single time they've pushed you to act on the urgings of your "wild" side.

4. The party animal who calls you up for every gig in town and you can’t say NO

They just have this "YOU HAVE TO COME" vibe and you find it very, very hard to refuse the temptation. *Free booze, free food scenes*

5. The gossip-gatherer who’s got all the deets on who’s dating whom

And try as you may resist, the devil is always in the details - and of course you ain't sorry.

Here are the ones you then meet in your 20s

6. The "been there done that" college friend who's your source of information for all sorts of "grown-up" adventures

Admit it. We've all been in awe at some point in time of how ballsy they really are.

7. The roommates who've got your back

Because those who live together really do share each other's lives.

8. The coworker bestie you share your chai breaks with

Nothing like a good bitching session on a day you want to punch the life out of someone at work. *Gives you the understanding nod*

9. The long distance BFF whom you miss way TOO much and who still knows every tiny little secret

Skype just feels SO wrong when all you want is for them to be here so that you can squish their atoms with a hug.

10. The one college friend who’s stuck around through the years even when your supposed BFFs are not in touch

Surprise, surprise!

Time for the ones you meet in your 30s

11. The altruist who can make shit loads of money but chooses to work ina low-paying job

Why bro!? But WHY?

12. The “forever-alone”, “nothing is working out” human who is perpetually grumpy

Honestly, you avoid meeting them for as long as you can. *Shoos away bad vibes!*

13. The “sage” who’s figured pretty much all of it by now and doles out advice like a pro (even when not asked)

The one who also always has an opinion on EVERYTHING and can be a party pooper. *YEP*

14. The “ab toh shaadi kar le, yaar” friend who gets you rishtas from across the globe

Your marriage = one of their top-10 life goals.

15. The Tinder match that comes as a surprise friend versus a potential date

The random cute boy/girl whom you know you can't meet for Date 2, but want to definitely have great conversations with.

Check out the story of our 3 idiots as they try to adult but fail BIG time in this LOL of a series called 2by3! You can watch Dice Media's new web-series, 2by3, presented with Kurkure, here!

13 Kinds Of Crushes We've ALL Had In College!

They might break your heart, but it's definitely worth it!

Not everyone's supposed to be the bad guy. Sometimes, some people just come in with a plethora of energy that can have you falling in love with them. And most of the times, it's not supposed to be the panties-dropping, butterflies-in-my-tummy kind of love. It's an expansion of pure joy inside your chest when you see these folks walking around in your campus or just coming up to say hello. And let's be honest - we've all fallen in love with at least three of these kinds of people in our lives. People who've made our hearts melt just because of who they are...and then broken our hearts because they didn't even register that we really wanted them. So here's to the 13 kinds of heartbreakers we all meet in college!

(Read this list and tell us which of these folks broke your heart - but in a nice, not-too-sad kinda way?)

1. The one with the really nice smile

Sigh, whoever had a more perfect set of teeth, human?

(And then you realise they smile like that at everyone.)

2. The one who ALWAYS smells good

*When you're wondering if you could bathe in their perfume and laze around like a cat afterwards, each time you're around them*

(And everyone else you know is also thinking exactly that same thing about them.)

3. The one whose fashion game is on point AF

Yes, they look like they've walked out from the pages of a magazine and you don't mind that one bit.

(Too bad they're not looking like a dream just for our sakes!)

4. The one who has that ADORBS vibe about them

There is something about this individual that keeps lighting up the CUTE banner inside your brain, no matter what.

(Hey, cutie, what do I gotta do to impress you?)

5. The one who is always reading

The quiet one who doesn't really talk much but when they do, they always have a very good point to add to the conversation.

(Please, oh please, look up from your book and at me, yeah?)

6. The one who is practically everyone’s SOS

Any kind of crisis and you know that this human will be there to help you through the thunder. And will probably get in a lifeboat to save your dripping bottom!

(And then they're off to save someone else, leaving you with a warm glow in your heart and butterflies in your tummy.)

7. The one who wears over-sized tees with Converses

And has this look of utter comfort about them. Also, they somehow always manage to look pretty.

(Ugh, why do we look too lame to even talk to them when we try to pull off that same style?)

8. The one who LOVES to eat

You'll probably spot this one in the canteen admiring their breakfast/ brunch/ snacks for the day like there is nothing else worthy of their attention.

(Yeah, not even you.)

9. The one who is mostly just happy

That one individual who can light up your day, even when it's stormy AF in your inner kingdom. They seem like a storeroom of good vibes to say the least.

(It's a bit of a bummer, though, that all that radiant energy is directed at the world, not focused on us!)

10. The one who has the raddest playlist

You probably wish you could steal it and make it your own and not have to worry about bad music ever again.

(Hi, music-genius, if I made you a mix-tape, would you even listen?)

11. The one who plays the guitar

Cliche, but true. There is always a person whose guitar-playing skills make us want to swoon like we've been taught by Simran and Raj from the holy DDLJ days.

(Hate that they're always surrounded by an adoring gang of groupies, leaving very little room for us to work our way to the front!)

12. The one who can dance like a dream

Another one we're all guilty of having fallen for and not in the MJ "Beat It" kind of a way.

(Won't you ever ask me to dance with you, and not in a let's-all-dance-together kind of way?)

13. The one who becomes your instant BFF

This one somehow is always the best one, the kind that has you believing in the whole soulmate jazz because you connect with them so effortlessly!

(But, yeah, okay, the friendzone also sucks.)

This post is brought to you in association with Britannia Little Hearts. Because the only hearts you should break are Little Hearts!


A Letter To Someone Who Never Loved Me Back

I learnt that it's okay.

Hey there!

Hope you're doing well. It's been long that I met you or for that matter, spoke to you. I don't know why but I've been thinking a lot about you, of late. I'm sure you're wondering why I'd even bother thinking about you. There's a long story behind it all and today, I thought it's about time to share it with you.

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I Believe In Marriage, But Not The Kind This World Asks Me To Expect

My happy-ever-after is not bound by stamped paper.

From the very first moment I've known love, I've felt it to be a river of joy. I've touched wholeness. I've arrived at a peace so deep, that my very breath was a physical barrier I'd rather not have to simply keep flowing in eternal calmness.

So don't tell me that a piece of paper and a signature defines the oneness of two beings, complete in themselves, overflowing with their enoughness. Don't tell me that you need to publicly claim the exchanges that take place between two full hearts. And don't tell me you need a crowd of hundred witnesses for two souls who've found home in each other.

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