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If you don't know what Sarahah is, then welcome to the 21st century. No, we don't have flying cars, yet.

If you know what Sarahah is, then I offer you my condolences. For several months, I had to scroll through my Newsfeed at God-speed, in order to find posts that actually matter.

Sarahah is an entertainment website-turned-app created by Saudi Arabian developer Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq. It operates as a low-key social network where you can post on each other's accounts, anonymously. Tawfiq wanted the space to be a hub of positivity. Even though most people want to be honest, the fear of visible digital footprints restricts them. It became a high-rated app across several countries, amassing a user base of over 85 million.

I could never bring myself to make an account. Though, I will admit that I came very close. Somehow, I never saw the point of it. The greater majority of messages could be categorized as: a) thirst texts, b) appreciation posts, c) aggressive hate.

For a: If you really want badly written love poems from strangers, just take a trip into your Others folder. Only a supremely intelligent human being would profess their undying-Laila-Majnu-level love anonymously (!!!) Boo, get a grip.

For b: WHY CAN YOU NOT APPRECIATE SOMEBODY FACE-TO-FACE?! I want to know which police force is booking civilians for paying compliments. You don't need a third-party app to tell me my nose has a nice shape. I mean, come on!

For c: Haters are cowards. They thrive on anonymity. Which is why you make an app for it to be easier for them to spread hatred (?????) Am I dumb, or does this make absolutely no sense?

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I remember you. I remember the half-ponytail, and the haircut that never quite had a name. I remember how you saw devastation, and wanted to fix it. You always thought cracks could heal with a Band-Aid, until your first heartbreak. I remember you crying, cradled in Mamma's lap, as the hours of dawn passed us by. You never thought you would see the light of day, but I am proof that you did. I am the promise that you will continue to.

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