10 Reasons Nothing And No One Is Worth Giving Up On Life For

Because your life is much more than heartbreak and failure.

In everyone's life, there comes a point when we think we can't go on any more. The reason could be anything: a failed relationship, an exam, career issues, absolutely anything. However, is any of it worth giving up on life for? The answer is NO. Absolutely nothing and no one is worth giving up on your life and your beautiful self for. Here is why...

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This Beautiful Indian Dance Video Shows Us What Goes On Within Those Who Suffer From Anxiety

It's not just an "illness". It's a broken state of mind.

What is anxiety? What does it look like? How can you spot its presence within the people of your family or among your friends? How do you help before it consumes them completely?

For one, anxiety is not something you can outwardly spot. It is a frame of mind where the person feels too much but fails to express it out of fear of judgment. Unless you are with them nearly all the time, you won't know the quickening of their breath or the way they heave through those panic attacks. You won't really know anxiety. You won't meet it like you should.

But there is a way. Srinidhi Raghavan and Sahasra Sambamoorthi, two spectacularly trained Indian classical dancers, along with Navatman Inc., get you a three-part video series titled "The Mirror - A Glimpse Within". The first video titled similarly, talks about the exact mental state of a a person dealing with anxiety. It is an attempt to wake us up to the severity and seriousness of this particular form of mental illness through the poetics of dance, prose and film.

Challenging us to really understand the roots of anxiety, this powerful dance video will show you how the casual and continuous neglect of self-care harms not only the body but also the mind and the soul.


This 'In Real Life' Anti-Bullying Video Will Have You In Tears

Bullying in ANY form is NOT okay.

One of the most powerful things on the internet today are these 2:07 minutes of unveiling how bullying is more intricately woven in the fabric of our social conditioning than we allow ourselves to acknowledge. 'In Real Life' #BeStrong campaign will shake the complacency we've so safely harbored.
"He couldn't know that at that very moment, people all over the country were raising their glasses and saying, "To Harry Potter, the boy who lived!" - J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone
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10 New-Age Habits That Are Messing With Our Mental Health

We don't even realize it.

In the age of everything instant we have somehow rapidly acquired habits that are partially messing with our mental health and we're completely oblivious of it. Millennials are all about staying fit and eating healthy but what they are paying very little attention to is their mental health. Technology has been a boon for us but we fail to see it's repercussions on our psyche due to our out of control addiction towards it.

Staying in shape and eating healthy will be nullified if we aren't feeling mentally stable and fresh. Here's a quick list of day to day harmful activities that we do unconsciously:

1. Checking Instagram/FB first thing in the morning

We might think this is the most natural thing everyone has recently adapted in to their lifestyle but the impact it creates is way too lethal for our mental health. We unconsciously start either comparing our lives to those we are stalking on social networking sites or aspire to look like or be like. Obviously, these feeling are not exactly happy. They sort of lead to disappointment and create unhappy feelings right at the start of our day. Hence, it is advisable to simply check if there are any important messages of missed calls rather than starting your day by judging other peoples' lives on your smartphone

2. Constantly having earphones plugged in your ears


You may not realise when small habits like these become a part of your lifestyle. While there is nothing wrong in listening to nonstop music on your headphones, there is definitely something wrong if you forget them home for one day and start contemplating about what to do in life now. Well, for starters it is time we all realise that there is life outside our gadgets and our social networking sites. There is so much that we can learn and observe if we decide to just sit idle for a while. It gives us ample time to think about our dreams, our passion and people we care about. There is so much that each one of us can learn about ourselves if we choose to spend some alone time to know our own ideas and thoughts.

3. Capturing everything just because you've got 4G

Haphazardly snapping pictures may hamper how you remember those moments. Soak up the beauty of the moment and participate in the present rather than indulging in capturing every detail of it on your camera lens. These are the things that will make you mentally stronger and smarter as a person.

4. Procrastinating your goals

If you've been avoiding a task because it makes you anxious, you're affecting your mental health by thinking about it more often and experiencing the fear of not being able to accomplish it. The more you procrastinate, the more you are feeding the negative thoughts.

5. Ignoring clutter

Unchecked clutter in your home can be a subtle sign of distress. A huge pile of clutter makes you feel weighed down both mentally and figuratively. If you haven't used something for more than 6 months chances are you are never going to use it again. Therefore, instead of spending your money on more stuff invest it or save up for special dinners or travel.

6. Obsessive Thinking

Turning to same thoughts over and over again in your mind sends your body and brain into the stressed-out state known as fight or flight. If there is anything inevitable, then thinking about it obsessively is only going to make you feel mentally weak and exhausted. At some point, we all have to learn to train ourselves to control our thought process.

7. Working too much

Prioritizing work life balance is the most important thing millennials need to take into consideration. Indulging yourself in the rat race and completely ignoring everything else will land you in a place where there is total mental chaos. You need to build a schedule and stick to it.

8. Multitasking

Although many people believe they're being more productive by multitasking, that's not actually the case—it just leaves us stressed out, oblivious to our surroundings, and unable to communicate effectively. Allowing your brain to process everything that is happening to you in real time, it may be the best thing you can do for your mental health

9. Being pessimistic beyond your control

People who are pessimists are more prone to depression. We should all practice focusing on positive thoughts rather than investing all our energy in being a pessimist.

10. You can’t live without your mobile phone

When was the last time you were completely device free? If you can't remember, then it's time you make a promise to yourself right now to at least spend a day in a week without making use of any devices and you'll come to realise what a world of difference it makes to your mental health.

Start making changes in your lifestyle right now, because believe me, it adds up really quickly!


Dear Anxiety: Here Are 13 Things I Want You To Know

You are a part of me, you are not me.

1. You were the reason I woke up crying, everyday for months when I was 17. The reason I saw hatred everywhere I went, my vision clouded with self-doubt. I'm still trying to forgive you (and myself) for that.

2. There are days I taste salt on my cheeks and feel my tears form little rivulets along my body. I fear it'll turn into an ocean and drown me.

3. I haven't had a 'bad day' in weeks. It scares me. I can almost feel you snaking through my mind, hissing over me, scaled skin bruising mine.

4. You're the unwanted appendage. Like an appendix, constantly aching but no doctor in the world can carve you out. I'd give anything to cut you away, and leave you rot as I prosper.

5. I've spent nights wishing you were a physical ailment. Something the world could see, something they could understand. If you were a physical ailment, however, I don't think you'd be the appendix. You'd be a slight limp, holding me back I try to march forward. But march forward I will, even if it is slow.

6. You sometimes creep up on me, making it through my doors of self-love with a carefully crafted key. Those days aren't that bad, I can work through those days. Other times, however, you appear with an army of paranoia, breaking that precious door away with a hammer, chipping away at me bit by bit. That's the only way I put my panic attacks into words.

7. I am surrounded by people who say they love and care for me. I am surrounded by positivity and affection, by rainbows and unicorns, and every happy thing that exists in this vast universe. They are reminders that while you burden me, you do not make me a burden.

8. I am afraid to fall in love again, not because of the pain that paints my past, or the rejection that haunts my future. I am afraid of falling in love with someone who deserves so much more than me.

After all, how do I love someone if I struggle to love myself?

9. I don't really hate you (surprisingly). You're the reason I'm so sensitive to the pain I cause, the reason I work as hard as I do. I don't think I'd be where I am today without you, and for that , I am grateful. But honestly, I'd rather be a lazy underacheiver than have you as my life long companion.

10. I used to distinguish between 'anxiety me' and 'normal me'. Like you were a relative I lived in constant shame of, uninvited and loud. But I've slowly learned to accept that you are not the uninvited relative, you're a dark corner in my favourite room- ugly and ever present. You're only a room though, you are not the home. You are a part of me. You are not me.

11. I learned that my sadness may have been passed down to me, generation after generation. I used to look at my family tree and try to trace the roots of this sadness, this paranoia- the roots of you. But then I saw my face (my father's chin and mother's mouth), and I remember that you, my dear, are the least of my inheritance.

12. I am a natural disaster, yes. I am a troubling kaliedoscope of storms, waves, hurricanes.

But you are my city, and every-time try to pollute my air, I will destroy you.

13. You've turned smaller and smaller, like an invisible needle in my haystack. How does it feel to know that while you struggle, everyday to survive-

I will live?

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