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I speak less, I feel more. I find solace in being alone. So to be in love and want you, it takes a little effort. This isn't arrogance, it is my raw honesty. My heart finds comfort in silence; my voice isn't the strongest around people. See, I haven't let many into my life, and so I cannot tell you what I fear. I can however, lay bare my heart and tell you what I have to offer. Come find me if you understand.

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21 Life Lessons I Learnt - Instead Of Giving In To The Pressure To Get Married

I am so much more than my relationship status.

As soon as I hit my 20s, I realised that my life had turned into a ticking clock. That I was now of "marriageable age", even though I was barely learning how to adult. That even though I was barely discovering the life I wanted, I was supposed to legally share it with someone else. But I did something that I, the typical "good girl", never thought I could do - I refused. I was lucky enough to have a family that did not push me. And honestly, it made for the kind of self-discovery I never thought was possible.

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15 Important Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Marry Your Partner

Question before you say "I do"!

Weddings. They're beautiful. But when it comes to your own, your time to say "I do", there's a lot of things you must consider. Marriage is bigger than just a way to tell someone you want to be with them forever. It comes with its share of hardships and problems. Ask yourself these questions before you take the leap.

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I've always dreamed about my wedding day. Not because I'm big into weddings or getting married or anything, but because of the promise that came with walking down the aisle (yes, guys, I grew up watching waaaaay too many church weddings on screen). The vows two people in love make to each other as they look into each other's eyes and make the decision to stay in love forever. The promises aren't always big. They are tiny, but filled with meaning. And that's what made them beautiful.

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15 Tough Truths Every 20-Something NEEDS To Hear (Before It's Too Late)

Make this a decade to remember - for all the right reasons.

Your 20s are a difficult decade. It's when you're thrown into adulthood, a journey that doesn't really come with a map. So we struggle, trying to figure out how to balance our careers with our social life, looking for that all-important soulmate, fighting our families as we try living the life we want. But here's the thing: your 20s can be the BEST years of your life ever, or the worst. Which way it goes, depends on how early you realise these truths.

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Growing up is overrated and I think most of us would agree to that. Well, what's even worse is the fact that once you're out of college and you start working, people take it for granted that you'd definitely be interested in getting married and would like to settle down. Once they think you're ready for marriage, they start sending rishtas without even trying to know whether you're interested or not. Here are 10 thoughts you have then.

1. “What? Rishta? But why?”

You're plain tongue tied. You don't even know how to react to such a situation.

2. “I’m too young to get married. Or wait, am I old already?”

You feel as though you're way too young for marriage. Come on! Marriage calls for some maturity and you know for a fact that you haven't reached that stage. But you do realise that you're not a kid anymore.

3. “I am not ready for marriage yet. I can’t even think about it.”

You know it for sure that you aren't ready for marriage yet. You feel you need more time to take such an important decision.

4. “How can someone send a "rishta" for me? Huh! They definitely don’t know my true colours.”

You can't help but wonder as to why someone would want to get married to you or even send a rishta for you. You then tell yourself how messy you are.

5. “Shaadi! Wow! Shopping, dressing up, dancing and having fun! Sounds so exciting.”

You imagine yourself dancing to your favourite songs in your own Sangeet. It gets your super excited.

6. “Hell no! The functions would get over within a week and life would be doomed thereafter.”

After planning your wedding in your head, reality hits you hard and you realise that all the ceremonies and functions would end in less than a week.

7. “Marriage comes with a lot of responsibilities and I can barely manage to manage myself.”

Marriage obviously isn't a cake walk and it is bound to change your life drastically. You've somehow managed to look after yourself and the thought of actually having to take up other responsibilities scare you.

8. "Everyone around is getting married. Mera time aa gaya!”

You scroll through your Facebook and Instagram feed and you see at least one of your friends' wedding/pre-wedding/engagement pictures. You tell yourself that the time has come for you to step into another phase.

9. “So what? Let the world do what they want and I’ll do what I want to.”

You convince yourself that you need not follow anyone else's footsteps.

10. “I think I’m freaking out way too much. It’s just a rishta!”

You soon realise that it's just a rishta and your wedding isn't fixed yet.


21 Things I Did In Life While Everyone Else Was Getting Married

When you're alone, but not lonely.

When I entered my 20s, I discovered that this magical time of adulthood, this dream decade, came with its own terms and conditions. I was suddenly put on a biological clock, one that all my friends seemed to be acutely aware of as they started sending out invites to their weddings. Here's the thing: there is absolutely nothing wrong with marriage. It's quite beautiful, in fact. I'm just not sure if it's for me. So I rejected the idea of needing to get married, and set out to do things for myself, by myself. Here's what I did...

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Marriage Is A Lot of Things, But Here Are 15 Things It Is Definitely Not

3. It is not an excuse to take the other for granted!

At some point in time, someone, somewhere decided to compare getting married to eating a laddoo. And that's literally the worst analogy I've ever heard.

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15 Signs Your Girlfriend Is "The One" And Always Will Be

She's just a dream, isn't she?!

Girls, how they mend and break our hearts! We've all dated for so long and so pointlessly had our expectations fall, we've started to give up. Then there's a few of us who have that one shining star everyone's looking for - that perfect girlfriend. But how do you know this relationship won't turn sour too? Here are signs your girlfriend is the one for you.

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I always thought weddings made for exhausting evenings of fake-smiling in uncomfortable clothes. Or at least that's what I learned from well...every romantic comedy EVER. But then the internet proved me wrong. Of course, I haven't gotten married yet, but I'm guessing that it's not all fake smiles. That the hopeless, romantic part of romantic-comedies...well that's true. Of course, I also learned that almost everything's better in black and white. Even true love.

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