The wedding season is here, and honestly, I'm dreading it because people around will want constantly to persuade me to get married as well and bombard me with questions about my own wedding. I'm more than sure that quite a few of you feel exactly the same way, and we're basically sailing on the same boat. And, seriously, people come up with hilarious and downright illogical reasons to persuade you to marry. Here are a few of them!

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Yehuda Devir, the world's cutest illustrator husband is at it again and his new work is even cuter than the previous ones (who knew that was even possible!).

Go on, grin till your cheeks hurt as much as mine!

1. When you're an overgrown child.

P.S. - Maya, you lucky, lucky, woman.

2. The story of every relationship, yes?

Seriously, when does this not happen?

3. Haircut number - 5399.

Eventually, you just get used to it, isn't it?

4. Maya likes being inverted when drunk.

Or maybe that's the only way to keep her woozy?

5. I wonder if their positions ever interchange.

Just that kind of a day.

6. The secret of a happy marriage.

Seriously, this tops the list.

7. Better than the Iron Throne.

That dragon detail though.

9. She really should give this a hand, isn't it?

Can't wait to view the marriage from her perspective.

10. Do they have a special room assigned for this at home?

​Also, easy for him - he just wears black. Ugh.

11. Does he bake too?

Or does the alarm notify an event service that just delivers the cake on its own? LOL.

12. Now we know who is sweeter amongst the two.

Could have guessed, eh?

13. Does anyone wonder if he checks his guns too?

Cause he definitely should.

15. No cake this time?

Maybe he doesn't need an alarm for this one!

16. Should have carried their own set.

The bigger you are, the easier the target.

17. OH GOD.

No, I'm not crying. You're crying.

18. We bought it or he bought it?

Cause she sure din't!

19. Mandatory couple check.

There should be a globally acceptable checklist for these.


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