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6 Tips From Ranveer Singh To Make You The Greatest Marketeer That Ever Lived

Think marketing is complicated? Time to change that.

The world of marketing is often complicated for newcomers. Strategy, analysis, hooks and 'point of saturation' are terms with a lot of meaning and zero understanding. We often look for inspiring case studies to understand and build upon our knowledge of how brands work and what makes the common man tick. In my opinion, there isn't a greater case study in India than Ranveer Singh. He rose from nowhere into the collective Indian consciousness and turned himself not just into an actor, but into a star.

While it takes a village to maintain an image, here are some simple lessons on how to become your own benchmark from the man who is a living, breathing brand of his own:

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15 Savagely Perfect Comebacks To Daily Sexist Questions

"Kitna kamaate ho beta?"

Being a feminist is difficult. More so, when you are born in the South Asian corner of the world, which is riddled with sexist rules and regulations every step of the way. Surely, change is coming, but for every step our society takes forward, there are those who insist on taking us back by two steps. It'll surely take our society a considerable amount of time to totally take that leap of faith towards gender equality.

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'Owning' Your Actions Will Help You On The Road To Adulthood

Life's too short to squander on a vapid blame game.

Ah, 'Adulting!' Are you scratching your head at this point when I am referring to you as an 'adult'? Is it freaking you out? Does it matter if we are ready (or not!) to grow up? It sure as hell does! Life doesn't care for our apprehensions. We grow up, grow old, and the years roll on! Yet, adulthood doesn't always feel right. It's easily one of the ironies of life. When you're a child you're slightly envious of the the older generation, and you can't wait to experience and enjoy the 'freedom' that is associated with 'adulting.' These childhood notions are debunked when you actually grow older, and your definitions of 'cool' and 'freedom' change quite rapidly!

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Excuse me, but you must have heard, yesterday the trailer for Rajkumar Hirani's upcoming film "Sanju" dropped, and man, so did ALL OF OUR JAWS. I could say this in a lot of fancy-shmancy words, but I'm just going to keep it simple and go with IT IS SO GOOD.

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Raise your hand if you're a true-blue 90's kid! YAAAS, we are THE generation of all things awesome. We have seen change, we understand progress and we understand the value of tradition and culture. Just like that, we love our music too. There's something about 90's music that takes you right back to the street you grew up in, all your old friends and happy times. Venus came up with this beautiful throwback to 90's music list, and man, romance then was just something else. Here's hoping these songs will remind you of that beauty again.

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ZNMD Is Everything Friendship Stands For And We Thank The Movie Gods For It

Kya tum mantally the challenged ho my bwoy?

I am not a movie buff, but this is that one film I can go on and on about. It was shot across Spain and was backed up by a good script, great performances and soulful music. All of these elements turned it into one of those movies that seem to have become a cult favorite. And it surely touched all the right cords in my heart.

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Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Karan Johar's memorable debut marvel, was on the list of every 90s kids' absolute favorite movies. It influenced a whole generation and for a lot of reasons too - it had all the cool outfits, accessories, the coolest college campus with exchange students from Oxford (like, whaaa) and teachers like Miss Braganza taking intriguing "Love- Ed" classes. I mean, what's not to love! Add to that a fun summer camp setting, an enthusiastic dadi, a super-enthusiastic Junior Anjali and well, a charming cameo by Salman!

So OF COURSE, this movie became #goals for us 90s kids for all these reasons, and in case they weren't enough, here's more!

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Socha Na Tha: Imtiaz Ali's Underrated Gem On Love, Goa and Growing Up

"Abhi abhi mere dil mein, ye khayal aaya hai..."

The year is 2005. Some of the greatest releases of Bollywood arrive and take the industry by storm – Sarkar, Black, Page 3, Iqbal, Parineeta… even the god-awful No Entry proves its god-awful worth at the box office.

I guess it makes sense then, that a little-known flick by a not-at-all known director (Imtiaz something) flies right under the radar, never to have been noticed or heard from again.

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My Instagram Is Filled With Sonam Kapoor's Cannes Outfits & I'm SHOOK!

Cannes fever ain't no fever without Sonam in it.

I know she was getting married and all, but I just really needed to see her walk that red carpet in Cannes, because hell, who doesn't associate Sonam "The Fashionista" Kapoor with this mega-film-festival? And what I absolutely CANNOT stop obsessing over are her are-these-even-real outfits that make Cannes what it is, for me. So I am going to settle in and lead your through a quick set of gorgeous Sonam Kapoor outfits that literally spell magic.

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Bollywood. The word itself is so vibrant that it makes you want to get up and shake off the woes of reality. It may not be as popular as its western cinematic counterparts, or taken as seriously like regional cinema, but it has its own unique vibe, and no matter the amount of criticism it's pelted with, Bollywood does makes our lives richer and brighter.

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