Someone Re-Imagined Disney Princesses As Potatoes, Proving That Potatoes Deserve Their Own Movie

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So the internet has given us a whole bunch of beautiful, and slightly errrm...weird ways of looking at Disney princesses. We've had them re-imagined as badass biker chicks, Indian brides, and even hot dogs. Yes, hot dogs. But this Imgur user called DisneyPrincessesReimaginedAsThisPotato decided to present your favourite princesses as well...a potato. I always thought that potatoes were magical beauties, but this guy just went a step ahead.

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Do you think potato Elsa can let it go, though?


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The best part about Potato Ariel is that she can't walk now


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This guy shows us how to make a Disney princess with minimal effort with Potato Jasmine

This is why I love the internet. Potato Princesses are the heroes we need RN.

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