Pune Peeps, You HAVE To Check Out These 11 Irani Joints

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Irani Cafes are quaint blasts from the past that serve absolutely DELICIOUS food. And as an Irani, I can definitively say that Irani Cafes are absolutely my favorite places to eat and just to chill at, and Pune has a whole bunch of amaze, typically Irani eateries to hang out at. I checked them out, and peeps in Pune, don't miss out on these places:

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Shisha Jazz Menu Cafe


Ambiance wise, this isn't your typical , quaint Irani Cafe. But its still elegant, and very old-timey. Plus, almost every item on their menu is super Irani. It's also a great place to chill with your friends, and do things your parents would disapprove of (I'm talking about Shisha and NOTHING else).

Cost For 2: Approx Rs. 2000 with alcohol


Cafe Yezdan


This Irani cafe is for when you're looking to chill in the most TYPICAL Irani Cafe ever. I've been here a bunch of times for breakfast, and I keep going back there. You can't really have much else here, but drop by for breakfast, and you'll get a very nice start to your day.

Cost For 2: Rs. 150


Cafe Goodluck


It's been a landmark since 1935, and I'm pretty sure everyone in Pune knows where it is. And the best part is that you can eat absolutely delish food here on a budget.

Cost for 2: Rs 600 for a VERY heavy meal.


Vohuman Cafe


Another perfect place to start your day at, Vohuman Cafe is an oldie but a goodie. YOU HAVE TO TRY THEIR CHEESE OMELETTE. I'm just going to leave it at that.

Cost for 2: Rs 250


Aur Irani Chai


Not quite as legendary Vohuman Cafe or Cafe Goodluck, but this place is well on its way. It's got everything an Irani cafe needs, plus different types of Maggi. And you can't really go wrong with Maggi.

Cost For 2: Rs 200


Kohinoor Restaurant


I wasn't sure if this should be on the list, because what sort of Irani Cafe doesn't have non-vegetarian food? But their bun-maska and Irani chai is just what you need to start your day. You can follow that with a dosa, and go cross-cultural with your meal here.

Cost For 2: Rs 250


Irani Cafe


While I was busy trying out Irani Cafes in Pune and getting fatter, I did miss the cafes in Mumbai just a tiny bit. That's until I checked The Irani Cafe out. The ambiance of this place is perfect, and their jam rolls were honestly the best things I had eaten in a while.

Cost For 2: Rs 300




No trip to Pune is complete without at least something from Marz-O-Rin. While this may not be a cafe, it's the place to go for a quick bite, and their Chocolate Biscuits go perfectly with Chocolate Milk.

Cost For 2: Rs 300


Kayani Bakery


Everyone's either been here or heard of it. This list would honestly not be complete without Kayani. Make sure you pack as many Shrewsberry Biscuits as you can from here.

Cost For 2: Rs 150


Dorabjee & Sons


This place has been around for 125 years, and it's perfect for when you just want to step away from modern day business. Also, make sure you try the Chicken Farcha here. It's waaaaay better than KFC, just sayin'.

Cost for 2: Rs 500


Zamu's Place


This place is relatively new, and I love it because everything on their menu is exciting. Their Sali Boti is amaze, but if you're still hungry, follow it by the 3 Step Sizzler Program.

Cost For 2: Rs. 1350

People say that Irani joints are dying out, but all these places will prove every naysayer wrong. Check them out. They're worth every calorie.

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