Not True: Writer Sent To Asylum After Parents Found Out He Has No Existential Dread

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On Friday, 23 year old Anand Bhatt was admitted to Thane Mental Asylum. Sources tell us that he is an excellent writer, but never felt purposeless all this time. He was always happy and full of life, so his parents got suspicious and decided to get him tested.

The result: Anand is suffering from happiness syndrome.

We tried to reach out to his parents, but his father did little more than crying loud out of embarrassment, so we got his mother to share her bit with us:

"He used to write inspirational stories and poems that would make everyone feel better. We thought that at some point, the melancholy would start consuming his mind, but that never happened. He has never been out of solutions to his problems. Rather, he never faced any problems to make him sad in the first place."

Well, that's actually what she said.

We also learned that Anand was being sent to the asylum to gain a hard-hitting experience, and learn to be sad and feel purposeless. But when we asked him, this is what he said:

"Life is too short to hold on to prejudices. I embrace the pain and never let it affect me. YOLO! I am looking forward to being in the asylum. It feels like a beginning of a new journey."

A few weeks later, as we followed up, we found out that Anand had started conducting therapy sessions inside the asylum itself, and every patient had now become sane, and were talking inspirational stuff. On the other hand, all hell began to break loose for the doctors and other staff, as they realised that their existence had left no purpose anymore.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to the real world is purely co-incidental.

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