Take A Moment To Read This: Our Firemen Deserve Your Time And Respect

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Do your part to help this family that truly deserves it. Contribute on Ketto here.

Firefighters have possibly one of the highest risk factor jobs on the planet. The firefighters in Mumbai, obviously, have that much more a tough job, given the layout of the city. These men are no less than heroes who go out of their way to help those in need, which also means that they risk their lives to rescue them.

Just like Rajendra Bhojane, a fireman from Byculla fire station suffered from third degree burns trying to save a bird at Mahalaxmi Race Course on December 10 and died on December 31 while under treatment at National Burns Centre (NBC) in Airoli. Bhojane along with two other firemen, Sanjay Kalbhere and Dinesh Sabankar suffered from 50% , 25% and 60% burn injuries respectively, when the rescuing equipment came in contact with a high-tension overhead wire. The three firemen were rush to Nair hospital but due to a non-operational surgical ICU, they were admitted in Wockhardt Hospital at Mumbai Central, while being later moved to Airoli, when their condition deteriorated further. But, Dr Sunil Keswani from NBC said that Kalbhere and Sabankar's condition is stable and they'll be discharged soon.

However, Bhojane who was survived by his wife, two daughters, his mother and an unmarried sister, lived in a chawl at Titwala in Thane district. He came from a poor background and was the sole bread winner in his family, and they have no other financial support. Hence, The members of Batch 696 - Mumbai Fire Brigade unanimously decided to raise funds for his family and it would be great if we all join hands with them and contribute from our end as well.

Do your part to help a family that truly deserves it. Contribute on Ketto here.

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