If You Haven't Seen These Critically Acclaimed Documentaries About India, You're Missing Out

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Documentaries are tools of mapping social, economic and cultural change. With increasingly disappearing boundaries and the struggle for survival among common human problems, documentaries serve the gap between the mistakes of the past and the possibilities of a better future. India is a vast multicultural country that is both proud of its origins and shy of admitting its shortcomings. These ground breaking documentaries on India will force you to laugh, cry, think and contribute to a rising India:

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India's Daughter

Never forget that night. The pain and disgust. Let us bring up better sons and daughters. Use those helpless tears and rage to push for gender neutral laws and a change in mind sets for a day when your daughter can be out for a movie at 9 PM with her male friend without worrying for her safety. The movie is banned in India but freely available for viewing here.


Fire In The Blood

Directed by Dylan Mohan Gray, this documentary moves through many countries which were under siege by the AIDS virus and denied low-cost drugs by Western big pharma aided by their governments for profit reasons. Shot in four continents, the scale of human greed documented will leave you astounded. This film has a number of records to its name.


Celluloid Man

This National Award winning documentary explores the life and work of archivist P.K.Nair, founder of National Film Archive of India. His tireless efforts to restore and maintain Indian classics have left us with cinematic gems of a lifetime. The film boasts of rare footage from movies of the silent era as well.


Supermen of Malegaon

A small city in Maharashtra, Malegaon is usually fraught with communal tensions, poverty and environmental pressures, making survival really tough here. Globally acclaimed, Supermen of Malegaon is an attempt to showcase the will of the residents who make spoofs on popular Bollywood and Hollywood movies as a way of surviving in harsh conditions.


Journey From Zanskaar

This movie tells us of the hard choices forced on the inhabitants of Zanskaar. It houses the world’s only untainted and longest line of Tibetan Buddhists in India who must send their children away from their homes due to lack of basic necessities and a treacherous landscape. Globally acclaimed, this movie is a poignant reminder of the things we take for granted and the sheer greatness of human will and courage.


Children Of The Pyre

Twisted and mind boggling, this documentary follows seven children who cremate the dead at Manikarnika, Varanasi. The film is gut wrenching on social, economic, spiritual and psychological levels and serves to expose the deep rooted hypocrisy in the Indian psyche about death and notions of purity. (Warning: Graphic language)


Menstrual Man

The film highlights an unlikely champion of women’s rights to hygiene and safety in rural India in Arunachalam Muruganantham. In a country that still cannot discuss periods and blood due to the taboo associated with it, this man is a beacon of hope.

Some of these are available for free, and most are easy to buy. I'd say they are worth the money. Go find them on the web, you can thank us later.

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