Dear Girl Who Loves But Doesn't Know How To Wear Makeup: 5 Tutorials Just For You

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Egyptians lined their eyes with soot to ward off evil eye. Elizabethans indulged in makeup to enhance their looks. Celtics used war paint to terrify civilized enemies like the Greeks and the Romans. Tribals painted their bodies too. Whatever the reason may be, makeup has been an almost inseparable part of our lives. Especially for women.

And today, more than anything, us women wear makeup for ourselves. So if you're here to say something like, "if it hurts so much, why do it?" — don't even! We're not going to stop using makeup. But, we are still going to rant in articles on websites about the travails of dipping that thinner-than-00-size brush into a liquid liner bottle with a child-like zest to paint dainty-looking winged eyes and instead, end up with panda eyes. This pain is real by the way. Experience it to feel it:

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However, it doesn't have to be all that bad I promise. Thank beauty vloggers for tutorials! We've picked out 5, that should brush your makeup worries away:

Them liner struggles?

I've faced them too! But, after going through a handful of helpful video tutorials, and some practice, I've gotten better at my strokes. Here's one that should help you too:

Contouring gives you the chills?

You're not alone. Applying makeup is much like painting. It does take some patience with getting the technique right, and then some practice. This tutorial should help:

And so should this highlighting and contouring kit.

Glam eyes, anyone?

Smokey eyes are quick and easy peasy! Don't go by my word, go through this tutorial, and try it out for yourself.

And your lips?

Well show them some love too! This tutorial shows you how to wear lipstick, the right way:

Doll up everyday, in 5 minutes!

If you're like me, who's always in a rush to get out, and only have about 10 minutes to get dressed, this tutorial of a quick, 5-minute makeup routine should help. Not too much highlighting or contouring, yet the video shows you how to cover any discoloration, and look more presentable:

P.S. As much as I love makeup, this post is in no way intending to endorse unrealistic standards of beauty. But, at the same time, there's really nothing wrong with wearing makeup now, is there? People should do whatever makes them happy! :)

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