A Thank You To That Teacher Who Taught Us More Than Just The Syllabus

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I remember the day when she came to our class as a substitute teacher. The first thing she did was ask each and every student what their aims in life were. She didn't have to do it, but she took the efforts to personally know each student. She could have started with teaching the lagging syllabus. But she made sure that she knew everybody. Moreover, that everybody was comfortable with her.

For me, she is the torch-bearer of my life. She was the one who made me realize that I am lot more than just a 17-year old girl. Everybody has that one teacher who has contributed a lot more to their life than just teaching one particular subject for an hour or two. She is the one who made you realize that you have the potential in you to become successful in life. She made you feel special in that crowd of a hundred students, even if you felt that you have lost your identity there.

I still remember the day when she praised me in front of the class for my writing. I felt special and peculiar. She recognized the talent in me that even I was not able to locate. We lose hope often. The faith that binds us to our destiny is often misplaced by us even by a small hindrance. But there is always this one teacher who leads us to find our faith back.

She didn't just teach you that particular subject, but taught you how to find your own way and walk on, it even if was made of fire. She didn't just correct your notebooks; she corrected you from going on a wrong path. She was not just your teacher but a person who you looked up to as a role model.

I never bunked her lectures; I worked hard in her subject and tried to improve myself. All this just to see that smile on her face, just to make her feel proud of me. For I know, if she would not have been there, I would not have realized how much I am capable of doing. She saw something in me which even I could not see. She was patient for me, and brought out the best in me. And I know if she would not have walked through that door that day and had been my teacher, I would not have been the same as I am today.

When that teacher was around, you knew somehow that you will swim through the stormy sea because she is there to protect you. You easily conquered all your fears because she had your back all this time. So, a thank you to all the teachers who made the efforts to teach us not only the textbooks but also all the life lessons that we cherish today. Thank you for encouraging that shy boy to participate in the elocution competition because you knew he will do well in that. Thank you for taking care of that girl like her mother when she was sick in school. Thank you for staying extra hours after school and tutoring that boy who failed in his exams.

And thank you for every "Keep it up", for "I am always there for you", and every "You are doing great", and for every pat on the back. because that is what made us strive for the best.

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