A Plus-Size Dancer Breaks Body Stereotypes With The ‘Pretty Big Movement’: LEGIT Awesome

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What do you think when you think of a dancer’s body? Lean, muscular, long, THIN. Counter that with one woman who flew to L.A to participate in a dance audition with a plus size body. This here, is the journey of that woman. Being ridiculed for not matching up with beauty ‘standards’ and norms, she was told outright that she didn’t belong to the world of dance.

But little did they know that Akira Armstrong would birth the ‘Pretty Big Movement’, a full-fledged dance company for plus-size dancers to come and take dance up as a career. (In your face, haters.) Breaking stereotypes that define only certain types of bodies qualify for being dancers, here’s a gang of brave, bold and absolutely musical women who are dancing to their own rhythm.

Let’s send across a truck full of hoots and cheers to these magical ladies!

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