9 Things Only Eligible-But-Not-Ready-To-Get-Married Girls Will Relate To

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Not all three-word phrases get your heart racing, fill your petite stomach with more butterflies than it could ever accommodate, or leave you melting like an ice cube on hot summer sand. Some of these 'three words' are lethal.

"Rishta aaya hai." ~ Every mother of an eligible 20-something

I know the potpourri of emotions all you young and ambitious ladies experience on hearing that irksome phrase because, I feel you, I'm in the same boat. But, instead of rolling our eyes and taking in shitloads of polluted air only to sharply exhale a sigh, let's do something that's healthier, instead. Let's laugh at all these things only we can relate to!

So, here's a list of all the things only those of you, who are eligible, but not yet willing to "settle down", will relate to:

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You're amongst the only few unmarried people in your group.

Most times, it doesn't bother you. Of course, you have your lonely and "I wish..." moments, but there are other things that are more a priority to you and you know that your happiness is based on being true to yourself, more than being with someone.


Weddings are more like a game of hide-and-seek with uncles and aunties.

Oh, but if they manage to catch you, you've got to be witty enough to quickly come up with a reason as to why you're not wanting to get married yet.


You secretly judge all your married friends.

For settling too soon. But then, you also understand that maybe they must've been ready for marriage. And honestly, that's how things should be right? One should get married because they want to and are ready for it, and not because they're eligible.


You're tired of answering questions.

You don't owe anyone an explanation. But, you're still hit with silly questions and comments like "Why don't you like any guy?", "Haven't you found anyone yet?", "Don't you realize, you'll get too old!" and "See, you can always study/work/travel after marriage."


You sometimes take up courses and projects that not necessarily are of your interest.

Seriously, woman, you'd do anything to postpone marriage.


You cut down conversations with your parents. Or, you start talking non-stop, about things of their interest.

So then they'd get so deeply involved in discussing, say, cricket or food, that they wouldn't even think about your marriage. And if the conversation drifts towards you, you'd simply 'excitedly' jump in and deviate their attention towards another topic of discussion. Very smart, girl, I'm proud of you! ;)


Those 'arranged' dates.

Even if you end up liking the guy, it's such a relief to find out he, too, wants to wait. *teams up with dude to come up with a plan to reject each other*


Maintaining that balance between not leading him on to like you and not being rude or nasty, is a challenge!

If you're your nice self, they may just want you so bad. If you're not nice, you'll end up making it obvious, you're not interested. And you definitely don't want your parents getting upset. How to say No without saying no???


And if you've got a boyfriend, you'd prefer to not introduce him to your folks just yet.

No matter how much in love you both are, that you even want to spend the rest of your lives together. Because, not now. Now, maybe career, or travelling and exploring your own self, or something else that may not happen after marriage, is a priority.

And most importantly, if you're single and independent and successful, you're tired of answering ridiculous questions like these.

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