9 Non-Cheesy Quotes That Will Give You Exactly The Mood Boost You Need, Plus A Few Giggles

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I absolutely hate how cheesy most motivational posts are. Especially the ones that do the rounds on Facebook on a Monday morning. Fine, we get it, you have an awesome life on the weekends, and your work week is too drab to even suit your own comfort level. You are now living a segregated life of five days of drudgery and two days of unparalleled debauchery. Maybe its time to take it a little easy on yourself, and laugh at all the 'motivational talk' you have been counting on. Because one way or the other, you seem to be surviving week after week just fine.

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Don't be one among those people.


The spirit and mind are often two sides of the same being, no?


We, as carbon-based lifeforms, are not very different from coal. Damn.


Plot Twist: You don't really need motivation everyday, do you?


Unnecessary sexism here, but still. It's always the rule breakers who make history.


Now, now. Give yourself more credit than you normally do. Unless...


Take the longer route. Chances are you'll see more prettier things along the way too!


Like anyone really needed serious reason to try being like a turtle


When life is just a steady stream of WTF!

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