9 Gangsters That Shook The World But Are Remembered For Their Badass Lives

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There can never be an argument or a debate over the fact, how slyly the greatest gangsters and mafias established their empire and carried out the illegal activities without or with minimum hurdles back in the day. In all its glory, these men brought the term 'Organised Crime' in existence. Having said that, some of them caught the limelight and engraved their names in the history of organised crimes.

Here are some of the most notorious gangsters who were also heroes in their time:

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Pablo Escobar

Titled as the 'Colombian Drug Lord', Pablo Escobar supervised several drug empires and led one of the most powerful and feared criminal organizations to have ever been assembled in the history of such organisations.

As portrayed in Narcos.


Dawood Ibrahim

Popularly known as 'Don', Dawood Ibrahim is the man behind the Indian organised Crime syndicate, dubbed as the D-Company. He currently heads a large, unlawful empire in India and is believed to be the mastermind behind 1993 Mumbai bomb explosions.

As portrayed in Once Upon A Time In Mumbai and Black Friday.


Al Capone

Commonly known as 'Scarface', Al Capone was an American gangster who dedicated his life to smuggling liquor and involving himself in prostitution.

As portrayed in The Untouchables.


Frank Lucas

Frank Lucas is a former heroin dealer, who operated in Harlem during the late 1960s and early 1970s. He claimed that he smuggled heroin in coffins.

As portrayed in American Gangster.


John Dillinger

Throughout his life, John Dillinger got involved in several crimes. He became popular during the Depression-era in the United States and was considered as the most notorious of all notorious criminals in the country back then.

As portrayed in Public Enemies.


Frank Costello

Known as 'The Prime Minister', Frank Costello was a crime boss and an Italian criminal who was also one of the most popular mob group leaders in the United States, particularly in New York.

As portrayed in The Departed.


James Burke

Known as 'The Irishman', James Burke, an Irish American gangster was the head of the Luchesse crime family in the 1970’s and was accused of having been involved in the brutal murder of several people at the time.

As portrayed in Goodfellas.


Billy the Kid

Henry Antrim, also known as 'Billy the Kid', was a gangster who had his own murder victim at the age of 18. Throughout his life, he killed a little less than 30 people.

As portrayed in Billy The Kid.


Jack Diamond

Irish-American gangster Jack Diamond was a bootlegger, whose activities were largely focused in Philadelphia. He looked after the sales of bootlegged alcohol, carried by his close friend and notorious gangster and gambler, Arnold Rothstein.

As portrayed in The Rise And Fall Of Leg Diamonds.

But, no matter how gloriously they portrayed their lives, they lived in misery and the root of evil ended for a good cause. So, in a way, their stories teach us a major lesson on 'Why one shouldn't mess around with the world and live life peacefully instead'.

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