8 Things About Fawad Khan That'll Make You Want To Ditch Your Lover Right Now

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There are celebrities, and then there are "celebrities"! The kinds you'd just want to do anything for...the kinds whose name alone can get your heart racing in no time. No, not because they're extremely appealing on the outside, but rather appealing from every angle, inside out! Like Fawad Khan. He's the kind of celeb who really justifies crazy fandom. And in case you're not already a fan, these facts will totally have cupid fester a dozen darts into your heart:

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Fawad's a charmer!

Fawad's personality is a mix of the boy-next-door innocence and the vibe of a mature, thinking man. It's such a delight to just see him animated, like in this video of a scene from the popular Pakistani show Zindagi Gulzar Hai.


And yet, not the smooth, over-the-top kinds

He's extremely appealing, but in the subtlest of ways. Scroll writer Paromita Vohra put it so aptly in her article on why we women, Pakistani or Indian (there must be more women in other countries too, if they know of Fawad), swoon over this bundle of charm:

Those of us who had gone to see the Pakistani movie Khuda Kay Liye when it was released in Indian cinemas were too busy taking in the sumptuous pleasures of Shan’s beauty to notice Fawad. That was our shallow loss, and, as my friend said with earnest devotion as we discussed these important matters “that only shows how subtle Fawad is”. Yes, behen, I cannot disagree.

He's taken. That just makes him even more desirable!

It's a fact. A man who's committed to one woman will always be more desirable than one who's ten times more attractive, but cannot stick to one person. So, Fawad is married to his childhood sweetheart Sadaf. He proposed to her when he was 17 and they've been enjoying each other's company since. *heart is melting*


His name sounds like poetry, his language too, is romantic and poetic

Say it out loud, but slow - Fawad Afzal Khan. No, really. Say it.

Know what I mean?


Fawad is more than just a sunshine face on the screen. Can all cute Pakistani men sing? Seriously.

He has a beautiful voice too. He's been a vocalist for the band Entity Paradigm. They released an album called Irtiqa in 2003, following which the members disbanded to pursue other opportunities. My favourite songs from the album are Waqt and Hamesha.


He is also an entrepreneur

There's just something about people who are interested in and capable of simultaneously playing several roles. Apart from acting and music, Fawad also has a clothes line called Silk, with his wife Sadaf.


Fawad loves machines, and we love men who love machines

There's just something about men who love machines. Well, Fawad always really wanted to be an aeronautical engineer. Our dreams kind of match! <3


He's a thinker

Not only is he a fine actor, a singer you'd love to keep listening to, and a man with a charming personality, but he is also an captivating conversationalist. Watch this interview of Fawad with Rajeev Masand, and you'll be impressed on how he responds to possibly controversial questions with elan and some good perspective.

Oh BTW, check out his latest photoshoot for Hi! Blitz magazine. You'll be mushified again!

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