7 Things You'll Relate To If You're Someone Who Thinks Way Too Much

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The moment's gone. But you're still thinking. Beating yourself up about it. Ok, stop! *but the thought still comes back to haunt you* Damn!

Does this happen to you often? Surely overthinking has got you into many funny, awkward, embarrassing situations. Wait, before you think further, here are 7 things that are unique to us over-thinkers:

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The past doesn't leave you, and the future just gets your blood pressure rising

Hey! You're in the present. And present is beautiful! So just be.


You're almost always so stressed!

Ok, think about it. What if, today, you lose it all? Everything that you own. Just picture the situation. You know what I think? You'll have nothing to lose but, you'll still figure things out. So why are you stressing today? You're already in a better place.


You apologize for the littlest of things

For what exactly? So try this instead - consciously, make an effort to not be apologetic. That way, you'll be sorry ONLY when you've really wronged someone. No need to give people that upper hand.


Your thought, almost, ALWAYS: Must. Make. Everyone. Happy.

Umm...how about No! We're all unique personalities and we have our own likes and dislikes. In the process of being true to yourself, you are going to upset a few people. It's a fact of life. But hey, it's okay! As long as you're sensitive towards people and all you're doing is living your life and not hurting people, you're good. Don't let them fill your existence with guilt, for something you didn't do.


Your life decisions cannot be made without consulting your mom, or dad, or sibling, or bestie

Make your own decisions, for God's sake. You're an adult. I've been here for the longest time in my life, but increasingly, I am consciously changing that by taking the reigns of my life in my hands. I know it's easier said than done. You love your closest ones too much to upset them, but please, please understand, good intent may not always mean good decisions. Consult them, yes, and don't strain your relationship with those you love (and who love you!), but work a way around to do what YOU feel is right.


Everything in life has hidden meanings. It was all ciphered for you to sit and decode.

As long as playing Sherlock is fun, you're good. But most times, people say things but don't necessarily mean them. And then there are also the kinds who'd just say things just to get you doing what you do best - overthink. So you can be busy with your thoughts while they move ahead in life. Yes, people are evil like that. Even more reason for why you should just not care and get on with your life.


Everyday you're shuffling replaying...

...what he/she said. Why did they say what they said? What did it indicate? Well, guess what, you CAN not give a rat's ass. And that's perfectly OK!

Over-thinkers are just people who take being-sensitive-to-others'-opinions a little too seriously. And more often than not, they end up harming themselves. I mean, what's all that worrying going to help?

So if you're an over-thinker, please start giving your opinions more importance. This is your life, and no one lives it for you. So, why should their opinions take up so much space in your head, and bother you? Breathe. Easy up. Think, but don't over-think... it's okay, it'll all be good! :)

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