7 Honest Signs You're In An Emotionally Abusive Relationship And You Need An Out

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Emotional abuse lacks the distinguishable features of physical and verbal abuse and hence, is more difficult to recognize. In many cases, the victim goes through an entire lifetime without realizing he or she is being subjected to it. Though emotional abuse does not leave physical scars, it can mentally scar a person’s self-esteem for a long time. It is important to recognize and stop this psychological abuse before it metamorphosises into chronic depression, post-traumatic stress disorder or personality disorder.

Gautam Buddha said and I quote: “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection."

So here are 10 signs to help you identify emotional abuse in your relationship.

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You are constantly made to feel that you are not good enough

There is hardly a day when you are not told how and what you did wrong. From the way you speak in public to the way you dress, everything is a problem. If your partner keeps pointing out your flaws and shortcomings regularly, you might be a victim of emotional abuse.


You are made to feel guilty for having a life outside the relationship


Your partner may spend as many late hours partying with friends or working, but God forbid if you are ever caught up in a meeting or get together. If you are not available every time your partner wants to see you, you are made to feel like the worst human being in the history of Universe. It is absolutely normal and healthy to hang out with friends and if your partner is giving you a tough time over it, you might be in an emotionally abusive relationship.


You are regularly abandoned as a punishment

Every time you do something your partner doesn’t approve of, they stop picking up your calls or avoid meeting you. It is a silent way of telling you that if you ever repeat this, they are going to leave you. If your partner regularly instills this fear and “teaches you lessons”, it is time you reconsider your relationship.


Everything is your fault

A bad day at work or a fight with family, everything somehow becomes your fault. Everything wrong in their life is because of a fight they had with you or the “pressure” they are under because of this relationship. This blame game is mostly accompanied with gaslighting that makes the victim doubt themselves. Bid such a partner goodbye and find someone who values your presence.


They keep subtly telling you they have other options

Your partner keeps telling you about the many people who are attracted to them: the girl in office who keeps dropping him hints or the boy in college who keeps asking her out. It is their way of telling you that if you do not keep them perennially happy, there are many other women or men who would. If this is true in your relationship, maybe it's time you moved on to a better one.


Your partner emotionally controls you

Your partner tells you that they are going to call you at 8pm but don’t do that until many hours later or even the next day! They constantly make you wait for their calls or messages as a power play. This is their way of showing you who has an upper hand in the relationship. Walk out of this mess of a relationship already!


You are always walking on eggshells around them

Over time, you have become scared of saying or doing anything that may offend your partner. You are always nervous around them. You repeat every thought in your head ten times before saying it out loud. A relationship cannot run on fear. Move on.

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