6 Ways You Can Deal With A Manipulative Person In Your Life, Like A Boss

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We are all surrounded by them. People so deeply submerged in the hunger to be on the top, people craving for power everywhere...people who just don't have their priorities right. But how do we keep away from them? How do you step out from their nest and let your wings fly? How do you get up and say, that's enough! Well never fear, this might help:

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Know Your Rights As An Individual

Remember, your own person is enough. Remember your rights.

You have the right to be treated with respect.

You have the right to express your feelings, opinions and wants.

You have the right to set your own priorities.

And everything else that you decide for yourself. No one can breach those boundaries.


Keep Your Distance

The most effective piece of advice. Nothing works better than creating a distance, drawing a line in the sand. The more you let yourself look weak and approachable, the more you'll encourage them to prey on you.


Put The Focus On Them - Make It A Two-Way Deal

Ask them the same questions, put them in similar situations as they do with you. Probe them. If you're going to allow someone to mould your thought process, isn't it only fair that they should let you be doing the same?


Take Your Time To Analyze, Put Your Foot Down

One of the easiest ways to get people to comply is not give them time to think. Is that something they do a lot? "Tell me fast!" No, there's no need. Tell them you need time, and if they still bug you about it, walk off.


Confront Them, It's Okay To Say No

IT IS NOT RUDE TO REFUSE! Always remember that is what makes them stronger, your inability to call them out. If something doesn't work for you, say no. It is absolutely okay to refuse.


Set Consequences For Actions

And if they hurt you, make you do things for them against your interest, it's okay to break ties. Remember you're a person, one with feelings and emotions and expectations. If someone is manipulating you to make you do certain things certain ways, it's okay to set consequences for those actions. Walk away.

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