19 Things Only People In A Long Distance Relationship Will Relate To

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This is being written in the hopes that there are still quite a lot of people who believe in love and aren’t giving up on it just because their baes are in a different part of the world. Also, this is being written for all those who are trying everything in order to make up the time-zone differences and stick it out.

It’s not easy. Long distance relationships (LDR) are definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. But there are a few brave souls who beat distance and emerge triumphant to give us mere mortals serious relationship goals. But it’s not all unicorns and cake. It’s a lot of understanding and trust and a mutual passion shared by two people to make things work out, no matter what. And here are 19 things that every LDR couple definitely goes through.

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Each goodbye is harder than the last one.


Your friends show constant concern on your LDR status.


You learn to TRULY build trust.


You also get unreasonably jealous watching a couple holding hands.


Your life is a perfect timetable of time-zones.


You become the best source for all the affordable phone/internet plans available.


It’s hard to not feel absolutely lonely in a party when everyone is with their partner and you’re not.


You spend days planning the perfect getaway to reunite with bae.


You’re nailing Skype/Viber sex.


You build some badass communication that make the bad times bearable.


You actually get Shakespeare saying “Distance makes love grow fonder”


Your birthday doesn’t sound so much fun without bae around.


You are constantly trying to find new ways to surprise your love.


You can decipher the exact tone of every Whatsapp message.


When you are together, you literally juice out every moment.


You become adept at dealing with every incoming bump and halt on the way.


There is no fear of losing your “spark”.


Every time you see them, you fall in love all over again.


You’re never without a 3 am best friend.

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