18 Brilliant Product Designs That Are Actually #EpicFail

READING TIME    3 Minutes

I love how product design is always about process and evolution. From the initial stages of ideation, to the final touches on a finished product, there are always an infinite number of hits and misses on what works best for a particular product and what doesn't. Those hard hours and sleepless nights spent in perfecting a particular object, situation or idea are primarily what leads to us going "Ooh, wow!" when we see something fantastically built.

There is one thing though that I love more than attention to detail: the exaggeration of everything through art. Like this wonderful design series by architect and 3D modeler Katerina Kamparani, aptly titled "The Uncomfortable". A quick glance-through is all you need to know what the difference between realism and abstraction is.

All images from this funky website right here.

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