16 Instagrammers That'll First Make You Drool, And Then Make You Head Straight To The Gym

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I was going through Instagram this morning, and it suddenly hit me. Social media can do some serious good to you. Like, motivate you enough to get up and go burn those calories you piled up on. No kidding, go through these accounts on Instagram and I’m sure you’ll be charged up to go sweat it out right away!

Look at that body!

1. Deepika Mehta

2. Navreet Josan

3. Nikita George

4. Shweta Rathore

5. Sonali Swami

See ‘em in action

6. Miihier Singh

7. Nidhi Mohan Kamal

8. Natasha Noel

9. Devrath Vijay

10. Frank Pawar

11. Harj Parmar

12. Free Souls Parkour

13. Vinod Channa

14. Shweta Mehta

15. Kumar Mannava

16. Bar Yogis

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