15 Annoying Things Boyfriends Do That Make No Sense At All To You

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Love is beautiful. It is what makes life worthwhile. But zoom in and you'll realize, not every pixel that makes up the dreamy picture is as appealing. Every relationship has its ups and downs. And every beautiful person comes with their own set of imperfections... some may be embraced while some just need to be worked on. Speaking of which, here are 15 things boyfriends do that get us women all riled up:

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Getting all lovey-dovey in the middle of a serious conversation, especially, when you're trying to make a point.


Either PDAing too much. Or not at all. Where's the balance, love?


Expecting you to be all chilled out about them having close female friends. Then, getting insecure when you hang out with your male bestie.


Not just running their fingers through your hair, but actually ruffling it and messing up your hairdo!


Saying things like, "I actually like the simple you" when you dress up. Then saying "I like it when you doll up for me" when you don't. What do you want man?


Ditching a date. Because, match.


Leaving things where they don't belong. Or, the way they don't belong. Socks are supposed to be in drawers. Drawers aren't supposed to be left open all the time.


Randomly appearing distant and/or disinterested in things that matter to you.


Expecting you to "say something" when you're upset with them despite them being aware of it.


Then labelling your reaction as "overreaction". So, if something upsets you, you don't show it okay?


Getting infuriated over your small talk in the middle of a match. Speaking of "overreactions".


Expecting you to put up with his bestie's bitchy girlfriend. Because then we all can hang out together like one happy family. Yay! Not.


Not getting things that you asked them to pick up on their way home. Or bringing along the wrong things. Because, memory!


Not letting you know when they're catching up with their ex-girlfriends. Because no biggie.


But, expecting you to let them in on your hangouts with your exes. Rather, giving you a hard time because you're still good friends with your ex.


And if these weren't enough, watch this video:

Guys, know that your woman loves you more than she hates some of your habits. If she asks for you to change your ways sometimes, don't just dis her opinion without even giving it a second thought. If changing is going to help you improve, why not take her advice?

Ladies, don't be too hard on your man. Sure, it's great to help each other get better but...

a) If he doesn't take your advice, he must have a reason. Respect that.

b) If you see even the slightest of effort, know that he's trying. Give him time, and space.

c) Mutual respect — if your opinions should be taken seriously, so should his.

All said and done, the key to successful relationships is mutual respect. There's effort and adjustments to be made, by both people involved. Period.

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