11 Reasons Priyanka Chopra Is The PERFECT Bollywood Actor On The Hollywood Radar

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So Priyanka Chopra walked the red carpet at the Golden Globes today, and we CANNOT stop looking at her. Now, there were some pretty awesome moments at the Golden Globes, what with Ryan Reynolds kissing Andrew Garfield and Ryan Gosling thanking Eva Mendes and giving us the feels, but PC's effortless style is what stole the show. She's been killing it at Hollywood lately, and after so many of our female stars have tried to make their presence felt there, all we can say is - FINALLY. She's the perfect woman to let the world know how truly talented Bollywood actors are, and here's why:

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She's literally the best of both worlds

Piggy Chops stunned us with that *debatable* accent in the beginning of Quantico, but she rolls her Rs perfectly, and has worked hella hard on getting it just right. Also, can we talk about how she killed it in Bajirao Mastaani AND Quantico at the same time?


She's Sassy AF

As a newcomer, it's important to NEVER be boring. And PC may be a household name here, but she's just becoming one in Hollywood. She's fun and sassy in every interview, and lets everyone know that she's not someone you want to mess with.


She started out early

PC didn't just throw herself into the feeding frenzy that is Hollywood. She made herself known, explored her options, and made a mark with her music. She planned ahead and let it all build up, while I'm still trying to figure out what my scenes for lunch are.



So I religiously follow EVERY Piggy Chops interview, mostly because she's more fun than the host. She has no airs about being Miss World, or being completely beauts. She's basically the person who can even make Math fun.


She does just the right amount of showing off

She's just like, "Yes, I know that my dress is killer, and yes, I will grace you with a twirl."


She basically says what all of us think

Running is too much effort for me too. But TBH, I'd go running every.single.day if she were my jogging partner.


She beats dem firangs at their own games

Errrm...Lagaan moment, anyone?


She's unapologetically ambitious

You know how women are supposed to learn how to roll round rotis and make kids? Well, Priyanka Chopra will have none of that. She pushed herself from obscurity to fame in India, and she's doing exactly that abroad.


Her style game is always on point

And we aren't just talking about her Golden Globe look. Remember the Oscars? And can we take a moment to appreciate how she's never given us a purple lipstick moment?


She gives zero fucks about playing it cool

She's at the Golden Globes, and she's going to let the world know that she's excited AF. She is all of us in this GIF. Sort of.


She's incredibly humble

It's honestly like she's the perfect combination of everything. Yeah, she'll show off that perfect dress, but she also knows when to let her humble side show. I've left this one for last, because it's my favourite thing about her. She's made it big abroad...like officially MADE IT. She's done more than a 10 minute role in a big movie. She's a household name there, and through it all, she's remained humble.

Basically, she's the perfect crossover star, and with every walk down the red carpet, she makes us proud.


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