10 Ways In Which Processed Sugar Is Hurting You Without You Realising

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Everyone out there who cares about their health and well-being, here is a public service announcement:

Processed sugars are everywhere and they are sabotaging your diet.

For nearly a decade, nutritionists, health enthusiasts and health organisations around the world have been focusing on 'calories', 'fats' and 'food and nutrient proportions' as the main indicators of a healthy diet. Although 'low-fat' and 'gluten -free food' have been at the heart of all diet trends, new studies state that a healthy diet depends not only on your everyday calorie intake, but also on the amount of natural and processed sugars you consume daily.

As awareness on this issue increases, people are now seeing sugar for what it is - a mood altering, fat retaining, teeth destroying, secretively addicting poison.

Problem is - There are over 60 different names for sugar and it may be sneaking into your diet without you even realising it!

If you are already on a diet, but haven't noticed results as drastic as the ones you expected, then this may very well be the reason why.

Here are 10 sources of these bad 'processed sugars' that are throwing all your diet efforts out of the window of a 100 storey tower:

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Sodas & Canned Juices


The picture speaks for itself, doesn't it?

Your can of coke, mountain dew or red bull is doing you a lot more harm than you think. Even apart from the sugar, given their overall side effects, it is better to quite them entirely. But if you feel like you can't give them up right away, then switch to the zero added sugar versions till you reduce your dependency on them.


Cereals & Muesli​


Stare at this image long and hard. In what way is any of this 'healthy'?

Oh, and pay attention to those fruity loops. It is recommended that kids consume no more than 3 teaspoons of processed sugars in a day. What in the world are we feeding the next generation?


Health Bars​ / Protein Bars / Whatever You Call Them


Protein Bars are meant to provide protein, not sugar. Swap these for eggs, avocado's, cheese, tofu or fish instead and see the difference for yourself!


Flavored Yogurts​


Exchnage these for a plain greek yogurt without any added flavors. And simply add the fruit of your choice to it if you want to change its taste.

It'll do you a world of good.


Ready To Eat Soups​


This one was a sneaky surprise.


Apparently not.

And FYI, the brand doesn't matter much. Almost all of them are guilty of this treachery.


Peanut & Most Shelf Nut Butters


No More PBJ'S for a quick snack. Not if you want to get rid of your sugar addiction. Instead, just make them fresh, or buy them fresh - as easy as that!


Salad Dressings - Especially BBQ Sauce


What's the point of eating a salad, if you ruin that effort with the sugar from the dressing? And be especially careful of BBQ sauce. This one tops the hit-list. Instead make your own! Just follow the recipe given here.




It doesn't seem so bad when you look at the graphic, but when you mindlessly nibble the bread baskets in restaurants, you fall prey to the addiction. Also, given that bread is a suitable addition to all 3 main meals of the day, it's important to bear its sugar content in mind.

And yes, all types of breads have added, processed sugars.


Cheese Slices


The good part is - a single slice of cheese normally has less than 2 gm's. of sugar, an acceptable quantity to be included in a single meal. However if you begin including cheese in every meal, or even take more than one slice - you're doomed!




Try not to stay transfixed at this image for too long. Life will never be the same again.

It's ketchup for crying out loud! Not too sure about how one can stay away from this, but the key is in moderation.

If you can't cut it, control it.

When it comes to fighting sugar and the sugar addiction we have, that we may not even be aware of, awareness is the key. It may seem difficult at first, but when you start to notice the changes, you'll be surprised by how quickly your mind decides to give up processed sugars completely.

Good luck!

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