10 Pascal Campion Illustrations For Your Bedroom Walls

READING TIME    4 Minutes

Pascal Campion, a French-American illustrator, has art for every mood, and every emotion. His illustrations have the ability to depict everything you feel through a burst of colours. They are a reminder of the bad days you decided to turn into good ones, of simpler times, and of all the little things that matter.

Highly recommended for your bedroom walls!

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For the perfect kind of wake up calls.

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For the bliss that was childhood.

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For celebrating what you share with your girlfriends.

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For your world of escapism.

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For the dancer in you, and everyone around you.

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For the four-legged companion that never left your side.

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For when solitude had the solutions.

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For all the long walks home.

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For the simpler times when all you wanted to chase was fireflies.

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For the childhood sweethearts story come true.

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You can follow Pascal Campion's artwork on his blog, http://pascalcampion.blogspot.in/, or check out his FB page for regular bursts of happiness, https://www.facebook.com/pascalcampionart/.