10 Honest Ways In Which You Can Be A Perfect Indian Daughter-In-Law

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For women in India, with age comes maturity tension of getting married and an alarming stage of fulfilling each expectation of the Indian society to make a perfect sanskaribahu.

If you are in your twenties and being constantly questioned by your aunties about marriage, then this is the right time to know how you can be a perfect sanskari bahu and shut their mouths. If your friends are also going through the same phase, then let them know, too. A perfect bahu helps everyone, you know?

We did our extensive survey and research and have finally made a list of qualities that you must instill in yourself if you want to be a perfect Indian bahu.

So, here we have got them all for you, ensuring you that someday you will be a perfect marriage material!

So let's get started, ladies!

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Always cover your head

...so that they don't see your colored hair streaks, or worse your bob cut.


Be polite

...even when you swear, cuss or curse someone. Be soft in your speech and in your screech.


Be shy, very shy

...and that way you can always STAY A VIRGIN as they thought you to be.


Never ever use the word SEX, it is forbidden

When you want to have sex, just say nimbuda and wink. Easy and sanskari, no?


The only drink you should be holding in your hand is a soft drink

...after you have mixed it with some of your favorite liquor.


Have a bird-like appetite

Birds chow down like they have been feeling ravenously hungry forever, except they eat politely, and so does a sanskari bahu. They eat a lot to maintain their body temperature and a sanskari bahu eats to maintain her cool.


Don't be an all-rounder, but make all round rotis

That is why your maths teacher wouldn't let you go until you had drawn a perfect circle. Dude, that is how you qualify for exams and marriage! No more questions now.


Make your mother-in-law scream "NAHIIIII" at least once every day

Doubt yourself if you fail at doing so.


Watch only "typical" Indian family movies

...so that they make you furious at absurd society norms and stimulates power in you, to speak against them.


Lastly, and most importantly — know how to chop

off discrimination, stereotyping and prejudice with your boldness and confidence.

PS: We believe that marriage should be based on understanding, respect, love, trust and consensual sex, which nowadays is being misunderstood by our very own people, for the people.

Disclaimer:If you did not get the sarcasm in the post, then we are sorry glad to tell you that you will never get a chance to be called sensible and human.

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Ladies, Indian societal expectations from a woman are limitless, and so are ways to liberate yourself from them. Good luck! <3

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