Being born and brought up in India has been a privilege and I can truly say I'm one of those nationalist types. I'm extremely proud of our country and even prouder to be a Mumbaikar. India is a country that has it's own quirks and there are a few things common to all major metros.

Here are a few things you'll relate to if you've spent any amount of time in one of India's major cities.

1. You're so immune to the noise of traffic outside your window, you don't even hear it anymore.

2. If you're ever caught by a cop at a traffic junction you need to know the state's local language to get away scot free or you're in big trouble.

3. There's nothing known as a guest room in your house, your house is barely big enough to accommodate all the family members.

4. No matter which major metro you are in, you have experienced bargaining with the autowala's to take you places.

5. Driving is absolutely terrifying because no one really follows any traffic rules.

6. Every city has its specific areas where you'll see all the white hippie tourists hanging out who've come to India to 'find themselves'.

7. You've experimented with random street food at every corner of your city.

8. Property prices in your city are through the f*cking roof.

9. All the night clubs and bars in the city will shut down by 1:30 a.m. at the latest.

10. You know all the good spots in your city to get food even at 4 AM.

11. You have friends from a lot of different places.

12. You learned how to travel by public transport at a very early age.

13. You're not easily scared because living in a big city makes you feel like you've seen it all.

14. Even though you live in one of the major metros in the country, you always feel like there's nothing to do.

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